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Supply and Installation of Weigh In Motion Systems for Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos Highways

Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos comprise 380 km of motorways, with 32 bridges of a total length of over 7 km, 15 tunnels of a total length of over 15 km,185 under & overpasses and 30 ICs and semi-I/Cs. It connects Athens to many peripheral municipalities, thus giving rise to exceptionally dense road freight traffic. Overloaded trucks cause significant damage to roads. An overload of 30% causes up to 2,000% additional deformation (rutting, pebble projection, etc.) of motorway surfaces and can also cause vehicle imbalance, bringing the probability of a fatal accident from 1 to 2.7

NEW ALERT has successfully completed the supply, installation, and commissioning of three weigh in motion sites for Nea Odos and Kentriki Odos (positions 138th km towards Athens, 188.5th km towards Lamia and 232.5th km towards Athens). The System is used for an automatic profiled counting of vehicles on roads, their classification and measuring of wheel (axle) load, thus determining their weight. Data from the individual driving lanes are obtained using a combination of inductive loops and piezoelectric sensors in the road, overview cameras and enforcement cameras (LPR). All stations are connected to a central server, installed on a virtual machine, that allows Nea Odos to store, analyse and export the statistical data, together with photographs of the violations and license plate recognition data for longer time intervals.