NewALERT maintains partnerships with specialized companies in Greece and abroad in various fields of applications. These partnerships are not confined to mere commercial representation and distribution of products but in technical training and knowledge transfer. These collaborations also require regular training and updating of our staff, so we can support both new and old systems installed.



In the field of automation we have close cooperation with the company GREYLOGIXS.AT GmbH. Together we design and implement systems PLCs / SCADA using the best technical and piecemeal solutions. The GREYLOGIXS.A.T. GmbH is certified by SIEMENS and  has experienced engineers in automation applications in road tunnels. This cooperation gives us the ability to implement the most complex automation systems.




For CCTV applications we work with top manufacturer VICON  for many years. With the product line ViconNet ™ we implement small and large CCTV systems. Apart from modern IP solutions we continue to support  older analog type systems(VideoControlMatrix).




In emergency communication applications we use solutions of the Norwegian company STENTOFONNV of ZENITEL Group. We are dealers and distributors of products Stentofonstin Greece. We have a variety of new systems installed in our credit and technical support on old models.




For tunnel incident detection we work with the company TraficonNV. We have certified technicians to design and implement such projects. The supervision of the construction is done by us, while the final setup of the system is done by a qualified engineer  of Traficon, with our presence. We support existing technical systems in operation. The solutions also provided by Traficon regards detection / counting vehicles through image processing, which have particular application to roads.



For special applications, ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) we collaborate with the company TELEGRAD.OO, which is a manufacturer of electronic signboards like LCS, VSLS, VMS. The Telegra generally has all the equipment (hardware and software) for integrated applications ITS.  NewALERT is exclusive representative and distributor of products and solutions for the ITS Telegra in Greece.




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