parousiasiNewALERT was founded in 2007 by company executives VM ALERT ATEKE, which had more than 30 years of presence in the Greek market and was one of the first companies that were active in the market of automation in road tunnels. The incorporation of the company in the market took place on the ground of the continued operation of the old company and the given expertise and experience of previous years. Continuing with the same principles NewALERT explores and integrates the solutions of the newest technological developments, thus developing a large comparative advantage, which is the high level of expertise. Develop of new products and solutions tailored to the specific requirements of each project. We have established partnerships with foreign manufacturing companies for training our staff in order to bring European standards in Greek practice.


The reliability of service has secured the confidence of the market for the supply and implementation of new solutions and the maintenance and functional evaluation of old established systems.


Organizationally, the company is divided into two parts Applications: Road and building projects. The two departments plan and implement integrated automation solutions that are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the clients and ensure the reliability, innovation and compatibility with other systems. The equipment used is dictated by the particular technical requirements and project specifications.

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