NewALERT won the open competition "Maintenance Service for Tanagra Facilities, regarding installed fire detection systems (addressable)in new buildings and automatic fire extinguishing systems," conducted by the Greek Aerospace Industry SA on 28/08/2012.

The premises extend to twelve buildings and the system is composed of individual detection and extinguishing systems controlled over network. For the detection both Conventional and Addressable panels are used with or without extension subpanels. The equipment used is from different manufacturers, such  as SIMPLEX, ESSER, OLYMPIA ELECTRONICS etc.

For the extinguish system  different manufacturers and technologies are used such as CO2, HALON, FM-200, WATER SPRINGLER, FOAM etc.

Maintenance tasks include regular inspections of equipment preventive and curative interventions for maintaining good operational condition while keeping record of the work done while sending  periodic reports.

The Contract is of two (2) years length with starting date 01/02/2013....

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