From October 10 2012, the consortium TRIKAT AEKTE - C. MOUSTAFERIS & SONS EU took the Operation and Maintenance of the undersea tunnel project Aktion-Preveza.

The total projects length is 4710m and includes the offshore section of 1470m, the entry-exit ramps to the tunnel and access roads of 2728m length. The premises have two substations - administration buildings and the Toll Station.

The traffic management for this road is controlled through installed systems of tunnel safety so as emergencies in cooperation with the State Emergency Services (Police, Fire, Ambulance, Civil Protection) can be effectively dealt.

The electromechanical installations include  all power voltage substations (20kV), electricity and road access tunnel, tunnel ventilation and various security and control of the tunnel (CCTV, SCADA, Fire, Public address, etc.).

The Operation and Maintenance services are provided 24 hours a day with permanent staff in shifts.

The Contract was signed by the TEC SA and the duration is 3 + 1 years. More information about the project on the official website http://www.akteotunnel.com

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