# PROJECT: Egnatia Odos, part of A / R Arahthos to A / Metsovo egnatia2egnatia1  egnatia2egnatia1    



# Completion: 2009 


The project is divided into two parts. The first includes twin tunnels T6 and T8 with independent Control Center in DEMATI and the second twin tunnels C & C1, C & C2, Anthohori, Votonosi, DYO KORYFES, KRIMNOU KALAMIES and single industry interconnector tunnel Metsovo, with Control Center in Metsovo Highway. 


More specifically the first part has 48 fixed and four mobile cameras, while the second part 65 fixed and 15 mobile. All cameras are analog and digitized by MPEG4  special equipment in Data rooms. The main equipment is battery VICONNET computer software for managing, recording and viewing video from the cameras. All servers are dual devices  with hot redundancy.


Image is displayed in terminal PCs and also by special array decoder screens (Demati 10CRT15 "and Metsovo 22CRT21").



# PROJECT: Egnatia Odos Section 4.1.2s tunnel VENETIKO 



# Completion: 2009 


The Contract included all low voltage systems, namely: the automation system in the field (PLCs), Network Ethernet, the CCTV, telephony emergency, the public address system, the traffic lights and electronic tagging (LCS, VSLS, VMS), the radio system, a weather  station  and the height control. 


In this project we had the ability to modify the design of the project, thus adopting design innovations such as IP cameras, IP phones and the expansion of the network with Ethernet subnets of 100Mbps. The main equipment was set up in the tunnel substation and through network backbone of 10 Gbps, the image is transferred to the remote telephony MDC (Management Center Highway)of  Grevena. 


The project in numbers: 4PLC, 1 ring 1Gigabit Ethernet, 16 cameras, 11 phones, 12 LCS, 1 VMS,

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# PROJECT: Egnatia Odos Section 4.1.2s tunnel to the tunnel NIKA VENICE 



# Completion: 2010


This project  geographically belongs to the prefecture of Grevena and includes portions of highways and tunnels from Velanidia tunnel up to Benetiko tunnel. Particular, it contains the twin tunnels Nika, Lagkadia, ZIGKRA, Koiloma, KARATZA and five buildings-substations.


The Contract is equivalent to Venetiko tunnel and includes automation in the field (PLCs), control lighting-ventilation, the light signals and electronic signs, closed circuit television, telephony and emergency public address, radio communications in two large tunnels Karatzas and Koiloma, meteo stations on four points (bridges), the detection of pollutants in the same tunnels and vehicle detection. The project was given the chance of being modified  for adoption of new IP solutions. 


Important innovations are the IP cameras in tunnels, the IP phones and the use of RTUs in the field to collect the scattered points I / O. The project in numbers: 18PLC, 2 rings Gigabit Ethernet, 7 Fast Ethernet subnets, 63 cameras, 75 phones, 4 VMS, 64 LCS, 16 VSLS, 34 sections of vehicle detection, 6 km total length of tunnels, five substations, 6.5 km highway.


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# PROJECT: Egnatia Odos, sections 1.1.5 and 1.1.6



# Completion: 2010



This project includes tunnels Neochoriou (single branch), Krystallopigi, Sellianis and Paramythias. In all tunnels except Crystallopigi IP phones are installed with optic fiber technology. All emergency calls are forwarded through network ID OTE (Traffic Management Center) Dodoni. All calls are recorded with a computer recorder.


Further automation are installed in the field with programmable logic controllers (PLCs)in order  to control lighting, ventilation (only in tunnel Paramythias) and monitoring of substations Neochoriou, Sellianis and Paramythias. Automation is topped with a SCADA system in the Paramithia Building and remote client ID in Dodoni. In tunnel Paramythias there is also installed the Radio relay system VHF / FM.


The project in numbers: 6 km highway, 3.7 km total length of tunnels, 34 emergency phones, 3PLC, 6 RTUs, 1 SCADA, 2 rings Fast Ethernet.




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