# CLIENT: Aegean Motorway SA


# Completion: 2011                                


In collaboration with TELEGRA we created a Traffic Management Center at Moschochori, Toll Booths in Larissa. Servers with various applications, ie (application and database servers)were installed in this center.


Specifically, a fleet management software (AVL- Automatic Vehicle Location)was installed, with the help of which the location of each service vehicle (van, truck cleaning, snow removal, etc. ) is presented and recorded through graphical map (GIS- Geographical Information System). The detection is accomplished through GPS SYSTEM provided by TETRA communication devices available on each vehicle.


Emergency Phone System is also installed, which communicates with the Center via GSM / GPRS connection. The phones are power supplied through local photovoltaic panel. The emergency telephone and public address systems of Katerini Tunnels are intergraded in the main software.   


                        In the GUI management software (topXview) there are also several appendices, including:


-Traffic data recording available from road controllers (RC), installed  in each of the 24 motorway junctions. The vehicle detection is possible through inductive loops buried in the asphalt of the main road and on the entry and exit ramps.


-Monitoring Measurements from Weather Stations. Three of them were are currently Online, but even more are to be installed.


-Monitoring Element of the wider telecommunications network (NMS - Network Management System).


Also in response to the creation of the DTP Moschochori we installed two additional computers with SCADA client software , monitoring all the installations Katerini Tunnels.

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